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Morris Minor hen house

TITLE:  Morris Minor Henhouse

SIZE OF IMAGE:  320mm x 240mm

SIZE OF MOUNT & COLOUR:  500mm x 400mm in white


ARTIST'S DESCRIPTION:  While visiting some friends of very long standing in Scotland last summer, I was commissioned to paint this picture, which was the first car my friend had owned, and it had been used as a henhouse.  I had to do some reseach to find images of the old style Morris Minor with a split windscreen, trafficators, and "British racing green" colour.  I found the colour the most difficult thing to paint, and although normally when I paint Citroen 2CVs I make them very rustic (and rusty), this was not allowed!  It was fun to do, and took some considerable time, with three attempts.  I think if I was to do it again, I would make it more "cartoon-like", take the odd door off to show the insides, and paint loads of rust - just for the sheer fun of it.

CARDS:  Handmade cards are available.