Plockton, Scottish Highlands

TITLE:  Plockton, Scottish Highlands

SIZE OF IMAGE:  200mm x 300 mm

SIZE OF MOUNT AND COLOUR:  300mm x 400mm in white


ARTIST'S OBSERVATIONS:  Although this is not a particularly great composition, with the tree much too central, and the painting much too tight in style, I like it because it brings back great memories of a Scottish trip I did with my husband a great many years ago now.  The Plockton Hotel gave us a warm welcome and apart from drinking some very passable wine, I consumed two helpings of Cullen Skink (fish soup) and a freshly baked roll, one straight after the other it was so good!  We then watched seals from the shore - with a wonderful background of rugged hills.  It had its first gallery outing at the Gallery Upstairs, Upton recently, and out of the blue a lady, who had been admiring my work, said she knew Plockton well - this was a great surprise to me as I nearly hadn't painted it thinking that no-one would have any idea of where it was!  Just goes to show, paint what pleases you and someone will recognise it!

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