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I hope that you enjoy looking through my gallery, and I would be pleased to receive comments and constructive criticism in my “Visitors Book”. Please also feel free to contact me by email, or indeed telephone if you are interested in buying any of my work or discussing painting projects with me.

About Judith

Judith spent much of her early childhood in Scotland, so the rugged and mountainous west coast scenery is firmly embedded in her. At an early age she loved to draw – it was a form of escapism and entertained her friends. She naturally chose art as an option at school and was never happier than when she had a pencil or paintbrush in her hand. Life, work and family then intervened, and it wasn't until she retired that she rediscovered the joy – and frustration – of drawing and painting once more.

While having her “retirement adventure” with her husband living in France she met a very talented artist and her fascination with watercolours began. It had to be watercolours; she discovered that a great many of the paintings she was attracted to were in beautiful translucent colours, each hue washing into the next in an apparent simplicity – often jewel-like – always exciting – and little did she know she was embarking on one of the most difficult painting mediums to master! Thanks to the patience and perseverance of her tutor and friend, she played with colours and water and slowly started to understand their relationship and how it could produce pleasing results.

Nine years on and mastery still eludes her, but the fun is in the trying!

Judith loves colour and delights in the possibility of a “masterpiece” each time she picks up her painbrushes. She can lose herself for hours at a time and derives enormous pleasure in producing watercolour paintings which people seem to like and buy.

She has now settled in Dorset, with all the wonderful scenery of that county on her doorstep. She has been very lucky in finding other, more skilful artists, to help her improve, and she has made friends with lots of like-minded people who share her interest in colour and painting.


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