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Curious calf

TITLE:  Curious Calf

IMAGE SIZE:  190mm x 190mm

MOUNT SIZE:  300mm x 300mm


ARTIST'S OBSERVATIONS:  This little fellow was just so sweet I couldn't not draw him!  By a lucky accident the sketch was on textured card that was too thick to go through my printer, not really suitable for watercolours.  As I started to paint him the colour all ran and pooled, making some lovely marks and runs and I think I might use that card again!  I was tempted to draw into him in ink as I often do, but resisted the impulse and I think he is better for it.

CARDS:  Handmade cards are available.

Curious calf
Blue citroen with chickens - take two.

TITLE:  Blue citroen with chickens - take two.


SIZE OF IMAGE:  210mm x 210mm


SIZE OF MOUNT:  400mm x 400mm


PRICE:  £110.00 Plus P&P


ARTIST'S OBSERVATIONS:  As the title suggests, this is my second attempt at this picture - the first being completed approximately 3 years ago.  I thought I might improve on the first attempt, but in fact it is just different!  The colours are much stronger this time, which shows my ability to use darker tones, which for me is a plus.  I also used salt to make the paint granulate and look like rust, which I think was reasonably successful.  This was painted for a local exhibition under a specific theme, and all in all is not to be taken too seriously!


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Blue citroen with chickens - t...

TITLE:   Otter

IMAGE SIZE:  215mm x 215mm

MOUNT SIZE: 400mm x 400mm in white


ARTIST'S OBSERVATIONS:  I don't paint animals very often, they are not a speciality of mine, and there are people out there who do them MUCH better than I!  So saying, sometimes you just can't resist a little face ...  Had lots of fun with him and wouldn't object to trying again sometime.

CARDS:  Handmade cards available.